No Grey Imports


We check thousands of prices every day to ensure we are competitive across our range of over 20,000 photo and video products. Sometimes we find a price that seems too good to be true and it often is.

There are retailers who will ship products to customers in the UK from outside the EU. If you buy a product from one of these retailers we'd like you to be aware that there are risks associated with buying what is termed a 'Grey Import'.

The Drawbacks of Grey Imports

  • In some cases the manufacturer will not support the standard warranty
  • Some manufacturers promote additional years of warranty in the UK – a grey import would not qualify for this support
  • In many instances you will not be eligible for a cashback promotion if that is run by the UK office of that manufacturer
  • Sometimes manufacturers don't even want to undertake chargeable repairs on grey imports
  • You can be liable for import duty and VAT on your purchase
  • If the product goes missing in transit you may be liable; check the small print to see when the title of the goods transfers to the customer
  • It may be more difficult to return an item


At Wex Photo Video you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that:

  • We only sell EU-sourced stock*
  • We are proud of our Customer Service
  • You can call our UK Call Centre 7 days a week or visit any Wex/Calumet store across the UK
  • You will always get the full UK Manufacturer's Warranty


Don't just take our word for it, there are examples on the forums of customers who have had issues:

*While we do our best to ensure that everything we sell is EU-sourced, we cannot always establish the origin of an item bought in via part-exchange and sold as used.