Gear of the Month | December 2023


What a year 2023 has been for photo and video gear! We’ve seen so many fantastic cameras and lenses released this year, with all the major manufacturers taking their moment in the spotlight. With highlights like the wildlife-focused Nikon Z8, the beginner-friendly Canon EOS R50, and the groundbreaking speedster Sony A9 III, there have been amazing new releases for photographers and videographers at every level.

Even as we approach Christmas and the end of the year, there is still plenty of exciting new kit coming your way, with a new cine-focused lens from Samyang and new all-black versions of the fabulous Insta360 Go 3. We’re also excited to announce that we’re now stocking Urth camera accessories – a brand of sustainable products for the climate-conscious photographer. Check out all the latest goodies below – there might still be time to add a few things to the end of your Christmas list…


Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 for Sony E

£405.00 View

With sensor pixel counts climbing ever higher, the latest cameras demand top-quality lenses to make the most of their resolving power. The Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 for Sony E is a cine lens that has been specifically optimised for 8K video, which is captured by top-end Sony camera like the Sony A1.

Like previous lenses in Samyang’s V-AF series, this 100mm optic is lightweight and well-balanced – perfect for use on a stabilising gimbal. The design is unified across the V-Af series, making it easy to swap between them without needing to rebalance the gimbal. With a T2.3 maximum aperture, the lens is great for throwing out backgrounds, and creates beautiful bokeh thanks to its nine-bladed aperture. 

There are also tons of video-friendly features designed to help out creators, particularly one-man bands, like an LED tally light, a 300° rotation angle for manual focus, weather sealing and more. 


Insta360 Go 3 Midnight Black 64GB

£299.00 View

Insta360 Go 3 Midnight Black 128GB

£329.00 View

The Insta360 Go 3, a wearable action camera that somehow weighs just 35g, was originally released back in June 2023. This new version for December 2023 is the same camera with a sleek new Midnight Black paint job. Available in both 64GB and 128GB storage versions, it sports all the same top-line features like ultrawide 2.7K video, 170-minute battery life with the included Action Pod, and a quick-release latch and magnet system that allows you to secure the Go 3 in place for POV footage.



Wex is proud to announce we are now stocking Urth accessories. Urth is an amazing project that’s all about promoting sustainability in the photo and video industry. Its accessories are made from long-lasting, low-impact materials, and every purchase helps the company plant trees in areas suffering from severe deforestation. Urth kit is designed to last a lifetime with proper care, helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Here is some of the great new Urth kit you can get at Wex…

Urth Dolomite Crossbody Bag - Beige

£99.00 View

Urth Dolomite Crossbody Bag - Black

£99.00 View

Urth Dolomite Crossbody Bag - Green

£99.00 View

A simple, effective shoulder bag for lightweight setups, the Urth Crossbody Bag is designed for the rigours of daily use. With seven litres of interior space, it’ll hold a mirrorless camera with lenses, which can be safely packed using the adjustable dividers to ensure they don’t move around and knock into each other in transit. There are also extra pockets for keeping essential items like memory cards and batteries (not to mention your keys and phone!), and the removable nylon strap can be adjusted between 70 and 125cm for optimal comfort. The Crossbody Bag is available in black, beige or green.


Urth Norite 24L Backpack - Grey

£149.00 View

Urth Norite 24L Backpack - Beige

£149.00 View

If you need more carry-space than is provided by the Crossbody bag, try Urth’s Norite 24L backpack. It’s a hardy backpack designed to withstand inclement conditions, constructed from weatherproof 600D nylon that’s durable and (of course) recycled. The Norite backpack has a total of 13 pockets, making it easy to keep all your items organised and everything in its proper place. The Norite backpack is available in black, beige, grey and green.


Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser - Green

£55.00 View

Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser - Black

£55.00 View

If you’re forever losing essential little tech bits like memory cards, cables, chargers, earphones and everything else, then something like the Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser can be a lifesaver. This handy little case boasts eleven storage compartments to help you keep all your bits and pieces organised, with a light-coloured interior to make items easy to locate at a glance. Constructed from weather-resistant nylon and equipped with YKK zippers, it keeps your items safe and dry, too. The Zeolite Tech Organiser is available in green, black, beige or grey.


Urth 95mm Plus+ Magnetic Essentials Kit - UV/CPL/ND8/ND1000

£225.00 View

The Urth 95mm Magnetic Essential Kit Plus+ kit gives you access to the complete Urth photographic filter system. With a UV filter, a polariser and two ND filters of different strengths, this kit provides all the most important filters any serious photographer needs, with a magnetic adapter ring that allows you to quickly swap between them. The filters are stackable – handy if you need to use them in conjunction with one another – and they come with hardy protective caps made from hardened ‘magnalium’ (an alloy of magnesium and aluminum).

This is just one of many different sets and combinations of filters that we now stock from Urth! You can find all the sets here...