Bag yourself a Basement Bargain!

Bargain BasementThe Wex Photographic Basement is a dark and mysterious place. Down in the deep depths of this cavernous space work a team of Bargain Pixies who sift through mountains of mail-order returns, second-hand goods and ex-display items, in order to deduce the appropriate market value of the items and subsequently give you the means to get your hands on some of the best deals that you can imagine for top quality photographic products.

The process starts when something is returned to us, either because it was unsuitable or because it was faulty. Faulty items get sent away for repair and the repaired item joins the "unsuitable" items in the Bargain Basement. We also include items that have been used as demo stock in the showroom - whatever the reason, the Bargain Basement is jam-packed full of items that cannot be sold as new, but are as good as new. So now we have a pile of photographic and imaging products that need to be priced according to their condition, and the Bargain Pixies get to work.

Every item is meticulously assessed and the new, Bargain Basement price is decided. Factors taken into account are everything from the selling price of the new equivalent, to the condition of both the product itself and the packaging that protects it, to whether it is a repaired item or a straight-forward return. The saving on the original "new" price of the item ranges from 5% up to a massive 30%!

At the moment we have all sorts from camera accessories, through tripods, lenses and flashguns, right up to the compact digital cameras and DSLRs themselves, currently including a great deal on the Canon EOS 1D Mk III Digital SLR which is reduced to £2600 from the original price of £3059. But you better be quick as these deals don't hang around for long, and once they're gone, they're gone!

So if you've been eyeing up an expensive piece of kit for a while and no matter how many sofas you've searched down the back of you still can't quite scrape together all the cash you need, you know where to look! Bookmark the Bargain Basement and keep an eye on it - you never know, you could bag yourself a basement bargain!