Best Gifts for Photographers | 2023


Photographers are generally a pain to get gifts for. With all the tech out there, it can be confusing and a lot to process, especially when trying to buy someone a gift that is personal, practical, and unique.

As the UK's largest online photographic specialist, we have collated a more user-centric gift guide that covers more than just camera accessories.

How we choose

The first thing to note is that this Gift Guide is not just a list of branded mugs, counterfeit clapperboards, and novelty lens mugs. Here at Wex, we have combined our own sales data, review metrics, and search demand numbers to craft a comprehensive list of the top products from the entirety of 2023!

But that’s not all. We have wrapped this up with industry-leading experience, professional-level insights, and staff-lead suggestions. 

What is left is not just a list of the most popular products, but a catalogue of what works and what we love!

What you need to know

To keep things simple, we have focused the majority of this list on gift ideas that require little to no prior knowledge of photography. In some cases, however, you may need to know the type of camera or brand of photography that your gift recipient is into.  

When a little bit more insight is required, we will guide you through it to guarantee a smooth, hassle-free experience!

And so, on to the ideas...

Gift Cards

What is it?

A voucher to spend the equivalent in the shop it’s for - these can really help photographers get their hands on higher-priced items or choose the items they really want. 

Who’s it good for?

Pretty much anyone who owns a camera! Usually, gift vouchers can seem like a bit of a “get out of jail free card” , but for amateur photographers and videographers, a Wex Gift Voucher could be the helping hand they need to take the leap to going pro!

What you need to know:

All you need to know is how high they sit on Santa’s naughty or nice list; with a selection of £10, £25, and £50 vouchers available (or £100 if they have been extra good). 

Find Wex gifts vouchers here »

Photography gifts under £50

The following gift ideas are all priced under £50. We think they will make the most useful and unique stocking fillers or small gifts for photographers and videographers.


1. Point-and-shoot film camera

ILFORD Sprite 35-II Film Camera - Silver

£39.99 View

What is it? 

It’s a point-and-shoot film camera - like the disposable cameras everyone used to take on holiday, except the ILFORD Sprite 35-II can be reloaded with new film and reused again and again. 

Who’s it good for?

Film enthusiasts and newbies alike! The Sprite 35-II is simple to use with its fixed shutter speed and automatic metering, so anyone who’s always wanted to try out film photography will be able to get to grips with it. And for the committed analogue enthusiast, the Sprite 35-II’s light weight of 122g makes it a much better ‘carry-everywhere’ camera than a bulky SLR.

What you need to know:

Both colour and B&W 35mm film can be loaded in the Sprite 35-II camera. You may want to pick up some film to give alongside the camera – you can tack on a roll of simple monochrome stock like Ilford HP5 or FP4 without blowing your £50 budget.

2. Camera strap

RucPac Solo Camera Strap

£39.99 View

What is it? 

A good, solid, reliable camera strap is a vital companion for every photographer. The RucPac Solo Camera Strap is intelligently designed with quality-of-life improvements like an SD card holder, a quick-release buckle and a moisture-resistant pad.

Who’s it good for?

Any photographer who needs one. Sleek, black and functional, it’s perfect for those who prioritise substance over style.

What you need to know:

Don’t worry about camera weight. The RucPac Solo is rated to hold up to 100kg of kit, so is perfect for even the heaviest cameras and lenses.

3. Mini camera tripod

JOBY TelePod 325

£34.95 View

What is it? 

The JOBY TelePod 325 is a tiny, tabletop support for small cameras. Think action cameras, like those made by GoPro or Insta360. Tripods are a super-useful tool!

Who’s it good for?

Travel photographers who use small cameras. The JOBY TelePod 325 is actually several things in one – it can convert to a selfie stick, a monopod or an elevated stand – and is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket.

What you need to know:

The type of camera they’re using – with a maximum payload of only 325g, the TelePod 325 isn’t going to hold a DSLR setup. JOBY also makes stronger tripods for those who need something a little more robust.

4. High-quality photo paper

Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm A4 25 Sheets

£37.00 View

What is it? 

Printing photos is the best way to make them last a lifetime, and the finest way to do it is with high-quality photo paper like Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm.

Who’s it good for?

Anyone who has access to a photo printer. There’s lots of photo paper to choose from, with different physical qualities such as finish, thickness and dimensions. 

What you need to know:

You may want to double-check what make and model of photo printer your giftee is using, so that you can be sure of compatibility. But if in doubt, you’re unlikely to go wrong with A4 paper from an established brand like Canon, Epson or Permajet.

5. Camera Film

Ilford HP5 Plus 35mm film (36 exposure)

£8.00 View

What is it? 

The analogue photographer’s canvas! Photographic film of all types has become more and more popular in recent years, with photographers rushing to rediscover the charms of analogue shooting.

Who’s it good for?

With all costs associated with film photography rising in recent years, any analogue photographer will thank you for a fresh supply of a good film stock.

What you need to know:

First, the type of camera your giftee is using will dictate what type of film they need. SLRs and point-and-shoots will take 35mm film, while larger format cameras will need 120 roll film or 5x4 inch sheet film. Instant cameras have their own film packs – you can’t mix and match Polaroid film and Fuji Instax film, you need to get the right brand. It’s best to do some sleuthing or ask, rather than just guessing.

Second, there are loads of different stocks available, in both colour and black and white. You may want to look at the kind of images your gift recipient has shot previously, to get a feel for what they might like.

Take a look at our How to shoot film blog series here!

6. Photo book

Photography Beyond Auto

£9.99 View

What is it?

Photography Beyond Auto is a book by photographic expert Chris Gatcum, all about how to improve your image-making by taking control of the camera. 

Who’s it good for?

Those mystified by settings, who tend to leave most of the work to the camera’s auto system. If you know a budding photographer who has always been a little mystified by all the technical terminology, this is a great way to help them along.

What you need to know:

You’ll need to know where someone is on their photographic journey – this is a book pitched towards the beginner end of the spectrum.

7. Ring light kit

What is it? 

The Fovitec 25cm Foldable Bi-Colour LED Ring Light Kit is an all-in-one kit for portable portrait and video lighting. Ring lights are popular among studio photographers and TikTokers alike for their natural, flattering light quality, creating attractive circular catchlights in a subject’s eyes.

Who’s it good for?

Amateur vloggers and budding portrait shooters who want something that can be taken on the go. It comes with a flexible gooseneck attachment for a smartphone, making setup a cinch.

What you need to know:

Not much in this case, as the Fovitech ring light kit comes with everything you need in the box, including a stand. This isn’t the case with all ring lights, so it’s always worth checking before you buy.

Manfrotto TwistGrip Universal Smartphone Clamp

£44.00 View

What is it?

The Smartphone Clamp is a simple yet exciting tool that will allow you to mount your smartphone directly to a tripod system. 

Who is it good for?

There are multiple reasons why we like this as a gift, and why you might find it useful. 

Firstly, if you use a smartphone for your photography. This adapter then gives you access to a range of additional pro photographer equipment, such as tripods, gimbals, arms and monopods

Secondly, if you are a more classic photographer. This adapter then provides you with the novel ability to use your smartphone on your camera tripod. Great for quick setups at home, or in the studio, for family photos, birthdays, events etc.

What you need to know:

All you need to know is whether they have access to a tripod, or are looking to purchase one soon.

9. Cable Bags

Think Tank Cable Management 20 V2.0

£25.00 View

What is it?

A cable bag is a great way to store and organise camera cables, small camera accessories, and personal items. It is also small enough to fit within a larger backpack or camera gear bag when travelling.  

Who’s it good for?

Great for amateur photographers, video editors, students, freelance creators, and anyone who likes to stay organised on the road. 

What you need to know:

All you need to know is if their camera bag is a tangled mess of cables, loose memory cards, and half-empty batteries - this could be exactly what they need to get organised!

Peak Design The Field Pouch v2 - Charcoal

£47.00 View

What is it?

Taking a step up from a cable bag, the field pouch is an expandable storage solution for cords, accessories, batteries, hard drives, and so much more. They can strap it to their belt, stuff it in their backpack, or wear it as an ultralight sling bag!

Who’s it good for?

This is ideal for anyone that likes to stay organised with their belongings and digital accessories; whether that be a student, designer, sound engineer, events photographer, or vlogger.

What you need to know:

All you need to know is whether the recipient likes to stay organised when on the move, or whether they could do with a little nudge to finally get their gear in order.

Photography gifts over £50

The following gift ideas are all over £50 and under £200. They would make great main gifts for birthdays or festive periods.


1. Binoculars

Bushnell H2O 10x25 Binoculars

£79.00 View

What is it? 

A good pair of inexpensive binoculars like the Bushnell H2O 10x25 Binoculars provide mid-range 10x magnification, and a crystal-clear viewing experience thanks to their high-quality glass construction. 

Who’s it good for?

Every wildlife photographer should own a good pair of binoculars. They’re a much more effective way of scanning for subjects than using a camera viewfinder – particularly if you’re using a mirrorless camera, where using the viewfinder will drain the battery.

What you need to know:

Just whether they’re into wildlife photography or not!

If you want to read a little more into how binoculars work and their uses, check out our in-depth binoculars buying guide here!

Sky-Watcher Mercury-607 (AZ) Achromatic Refractor Telescope

£89.99 View

What is it?

An affordable, user-centric, and pre-assembled telescope that can be used to observe the Moon, Saturn’s rings, and far-off star systems with ease!

Who’s it good for?

Who wouldn’t love an all-in-one, easy to use telescope? This particular model is a great place to start for newbie stargazers, photographers looking to expand their craft, children in awe of the night sky, and retirees with a bit of spare time on their hands. 

What you need to know:

All you need to know is whether this is the right sort of telescope for them. This model requires some pre-existing knowledge of astronomy but stands as a perfect bridge between beginner and amateur. 

3. Plamp

Wimberley The Plamp II

£59.00 View

What is it? 

The word “Plamp” is a portmanteau of “plant” and “clamp”, and it does exactly that – clamps plants (or similar subjects) in place. The Plamp II by Wimberley is very much the ur-example.

Who’s it good for?

Macro photographers! To shoot close-ups of flowers and plants, they need to be kept absolutely still for the image to be sharp. The Plamp is fully flexible and positionable, meaning it’s easy to tuck outside of a lens’s field of view and can be unobtrusively clamped onto a stalk or branch to keep a subject in place – even in windy conditions.

What you need to know:

They’ll need to have a tripod. The Plamp stays stable by attaching to a tripod, but any enthusiast macro photographer will almost certainly own one.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro

£139.00 View

What is it?

A screen calibrator is one of the more specialised gifts on this list. It essentially measures and adjusts the colour of a computer’s monitor to match a common standard. This is massively beneficial within the world of digital design, as well as pro-level photo and video editing.    

Who’s it good for?

This is a great gift for freelance videographers and photographers looking to build their editing setup at home, or in the studio.  

What you need to know:

All you need to know is the type of monitor that they use, as screen calibrators are best used alongside professional monitors and editing setups. Be sure to research the type of calibrator required as there are ones available for smartphones, computers, and pro-level monitors. 

Bushnell Prime 24MP Low-Glow Trail Camera

Save £15, Was £139

£149.00 View

What is it?

A crowd favourite in recent times, the Bushnell Trail Camera is designed to capture wildlife in their natural habitat. Easy and simple to set-up, this affordable and exciting imaging tool enables the documentation of animals unaffected by human interruption. 

Who’s it good for?

Perfect for all the family! This is a seriously great gift for people that live in rural areas, have large gardens, or have big open spaces near to their homes. Essentially, anyone with a love for the outdoors needs to get their hands on a trail camera

What you need to know:

All you need to know is whether they have access to a computer or laptop compatible with SD cards (a separate card reader may be needed). This is because the footage is saved to an SD card (up to 32GB), which can then be transferred to your computer. 

6. Lensbaby Spark 2.0

Lensbaby Spark 2.0 Lens for Canon EF

£219.00 View

What is it? 

A lens with a difference. The Lensbaby Spark delivers a distinctive “sweet-spot” focus effect, with dramatic bokeh, and employs a unique Squeeze to Focus mechanism.

Who’s it good for?

Photographers who prize artistic experimentation and creativity over pixel-perfect technical quality. The Lensbaby Spark is designed to make striking, dreamlike images, and is especially useful for creative portrait shooters.

What you need to know:

The Lensbaby Spark 2.0 is available for the following lens mounts: Sony E, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon F, Canon EF, Nikon Z, Canon RF and Fujifilm X. Double-check your recipient’s camera has one of these mounts (Olympus, OM System and Panasonic cameras will all fit Micro Four Thirds). 

7. JOBY GorillaPod

JOBY GorillaPod Stand 3k

£59.00 View

What is it? 

A flexi-armed mini tripod that can be positioned in any number of ways, allowing the user to mount their camera in all sorts of unusual positions. 

Who’s it good for?

If you opt for the JOBY GorillaPod 3K, it can take a little more weight than some more lightweight mini-tripods – up to 3kg worth (hence the name). This means users of mirrorless cameras and even DSLRs can make use of its flexible legs to get creative with their camera positioning.

What you need to know:

You should be fine in most cases. The GorillaPod comes with a built-in standard screw mount that’ll fit pretty much any digital camera. For attaching a smartphone, the user will need a clamp or other kind of holder.

8. Instant printer

Fujifilm Instax Square Link Instant Printer - Midnight Green

£129.00 View

What is it? 

A fun way to quickly turn digital images into physical prints – instant printers can receive images directly via Bluetooth and spit them out as Instax-style photos within seconds. The Fujifilm Instax Square Link Instant Printer is a great inexpensive option, and can be augmented via use of the SQUARE LINK app to add stickers and text to images before printing.

Who’s it good for?

Avid smartphone snappers who want to convert their images into physical memories. Once the prints are ready they can be hung on a wall, stuck in a scrapbook or whatever else the user can imagine!

What you need to know:

The printer takes Instax Square film, so be sure to pick up a pack or two.

9. Mobile Vlogging Kit

JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit

£174.00 View

What is it?

This Vlogging Kit is packed full of accessories including the GorillaPod Mobile Rig, Wavo Mobile Mic, and the Beamo Mini LED. 

Who’s it good for?

This is perfect for younger people looking to get into vlogging, stop-motion, journalism, or other forms of content creation. It is also great for small business owners looking to engage in more social media-driven content. 

What you need to know:

This kit is compatible with both smartphones and lightweight camera setups, which makes it an incredibly versatile piece of kit for any and all amateur creatives. 


Unique Gifts for Photographers

Photographers are not the easiest people to buy gifts for. This is because they know so much about their chosen discipline and love what they do, which pushes them to put in vast amounts of research and even have purchases planned out years in advance!

Sometimes the best and most unique gifts you can give someone is not just a travel tripod, camera accessory, or brand new bag. Instead, it could be something a little more out of the box…

Hiring a Creative Space

This can be anything from creating a DIY production studio at home, to renting out a full photo studio for the day! Something like this could really be the push a young creative needs to think about developing their passion into a professional career.

Renting an Airbnb

Simply taking a trip and putting some time aside to be creative can be exactly what a working professional might need to reignite their love for photography. This could be a long-weekend in London for street photographers, a cabin in the woods for wildlife enthusiasts, or a pre-planned adventure for wannabe travel vloggers.  

Day out at the Zoo

If your gift recipient is pushing for a career in wildlife photography, a more affordable option is to book a trip to the local zoo, animal sanctuary, or wildlife cruise! This will allow them to get some hands-on experience with photographing different, sometimes non-native animals without the hassle of trying to find them first.

Festival Tickets

For music lovers, car enthusiasts, foodies, and everyone in between, there is a festival out there with loads of great opportunities to take quality photos and video content throughout the weekend. This would be an amazing experience for wannabe events, sports, and music photographers, as well as amateur vloggers and content creators looking to take the next step to internet stardom.  

Camping on the Moors

A city-based stargazer would get so much from spending the night with an uninterrupted sky above them. Booking a camping trip to the Brecon Beacons, North York Moors, or Northumberland national park would be an incredible experience for those with a passion for astronomy.   


Here at Wex, we offer authorised repair services through our sister company Fixation, the largest camera repair specialist in the UK! This would be great for someone with a treasured camera, lens, or flash system that has seen better days - where repairing their equipment could be the nudge they need to get back out behind the camera.

You can take a look at the Fixation Repair website or if you need a hand, give the Repair Team a call on: 020 7383 5127


Another service we offer is Wex Rental. We have a huge range of kit that’s available for rent from a day to an entire month! Whilst this is a service that is often used by professionals for client commissions, it is also something that can be used to try out equipment before you go ahead with that all important purchase. Is there a piece of equipment that often gets sprinkled into conversations? Has your special person been umming and ahhing over their next lens for a while? Well, have a look and see if you can hire it out for them to try before they buy!

You can take a look at the Wex Rental website or if you need a hand, give the Rental Team a call on: 020 7383 5127.


The Gift of Time

Perhaps the most simple of gifts and yet, one of the most thoughtful. Perhaps the stresses and responsibilities of daily life, childcare or chores are getting in the way of creativity. Offer the gift of time by taking over those jobs for an afternoon. Give that special person the gift of time to roam around, carefree with their camera. 

This has been put forwards as a recommendation more than any other gift but our Wex staff (seems that we have a lot of parents working for us)!

Gift Guide: Video

In the following video, Amy walks us through the various parts of a common digital camera and explains the various aspects. This will help know what to buy and be sure it's compatible. 

Gift FAQs

Q: What are the essentials every photographer should have?

A: Someone’s photography gear bag can be as simplified or as complicated as they choose to make it!

If you also dabble in photography and have some knowledge of the industry, some great essentials to look into include: tripods, flashguns, flash diffusers, memory card readers, colour checkers, and collapsible reflector kits. If you are in the market for something a little simpler that is sure to go down well with that special someone, be sure to check out the following: lens cloths, camera bags, portable storage devices, hand warmers, gloves, or even just a pen and paper.

Q: What’s a good gift for a mobile phone photographer?

A: With Smartphone technology rapidly progressing, mobile phone photography is more popular than ever. Smartphone cameras and the AI systems that process the image data are so advanced that they can even rival some compact cameras in image quality. 

So, if you know someone who is into taking photos and videos with their phone, a great present would be something that can take that to the next level. You should be looking at mini tripods, gimbal systems, cases or phone clamps. These accessories allow you to use your smartphones more like a traditional camera, helping you capture smooth, stabilised video footage or shake-free images. 

Q: How do you find out the compatibility listings for certain photography equipment?

A: This is where things can get a little complicated. The best thing to do is to break the surprise early and talk to the person before making a big investment; just to confirm that the gifted product will be compatible with their current camera equipment. 

If you are still unsure, or want to keep everything a little bit more hush hush, the best thing to do is to contact our Customer Service team or take a trip to one of our Wex stores

Still looking for that perfect gift - Why not keep reading our buying guide section?